Event Schedule

  • OPEN 20:00 / CLOSE 23:00

    International exchange event
    参加条件 / ハロウィン仮装(ワンポイントでもOK)
    Dress Code: Any Helloween Costume
    Entry fee : 
    ¥1,000.2drink included
    世界で最も魅力的な街=京都  世界中の人たちが集まる場所=京都....
    そんな外国人に愛される街で外国人が集う場所それが=TOFU KYOTO
    A place where people from all over the world gather in one of the most divine cities, Kyoto! 
    An international exchange community event
    Join us at TOFU Kyoto where you can interact with international people
2023-10-27 | Category: Event Schedule
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